Organic General detox herbal tea n°2


DETOX GÉNÉRALE n ° 2 allows a deep drainage of all emunctories. Its taste is more pronounced, woody. This herbal tea is to be made as a decoction, a method of preparation which requires more time. 

Reminder: To prepare a decoction, put the plants in a pot of cold water, bring to the boil and simmer on the heat for 5 to 30 minutes. In this case, let it boil for at least 15 minutes.  


  • lime sapwood *
  • marshmallow root *
  • dandelion root *
  • angelica root *
  • star anise fruit *

the photo does not represent the proposed mix. 

* plants from organic farming certified by Ecocert.

- The indications relating to the preparation, the quantities and dosage are indicated on the back of the sachet.

- Herbal teas are available in a kraft bag or zipped doypack depending on the quantity.

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