organic CINNAMON essential oil from CEYLAN

Bacterial, viral and parasitic infections are a few fields of use of cinnamon bark essential oil. It is often used in the treatment of warts and infections of the mouth and skin. Its anti-infectious activity is considered to be one of the most powerful. At a very low dose and always diluted in a fatty substance, it can be used in the preparation of desserts. Powerful essential oil Chemotyped essential oil of cinnamomum zeylanicum , 100% pure and organic obtained by steam distillation. ECOCERT certified. origin: Sri Lanka distilled part: bark main constituents: cinnamaldehyde, eugenol organoleptic characteristics: Mobile and clear liquid, yellow. Warm and sweet smell. precautions for use: Irritating and dermocaustic . Limited time use. Do not use during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children. Notice required for prolonged use.

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